Some thoughts on owning a firearm.

Some ask, why own a firearm?  I say, why not?  First things first.  If you wish to own a firearm, the first thing you must do is decide if you can use it against someone.  Are you mentally prepared to take a human life?  If not, then DO NOT purchase a firearm; it is a waste of your time and money.  Keep in mind there is a difference between murdering and killing someone.  I had the fine privilege of listening to Lt. Col. Dave Grossman (author of On Killing) speak in 2007 and he addressed this very issue as it related to soldiers and police officers.  The accurate translation of the good book says, “Thou shalt not murder.”   It did NOT say, “Thall shalt not kill.”  Don’t take my word for it—look it up!   An unfortunate by-product of Self Protection might be the killing of another.  Let’s deal with this upfront! There should be no moral dilemma when it comes to protecting yourself and your family.

Once this decision is made, go find a good firearms instructor and discuss weapons with him.  Talk with several and pick the one(s) you like.  You should consider the firearms instructor’s recommendation on the appropriate firearm, but if you find that you do not like the recommendation, you will not carry it.  Find a conceal carry or basic pistol course and try out several firearms on a range before buying.  One of the most important things you can do once you procure the gun is to begin carrying it daily and become comfortable with it.  Buy an excellent belt and holster.  DO NOT buy a cheap system. . .it will fail you!  If you are going to do this, do it right.  The holster and the belt are just as important as the firearm.  Any GALCO product or Black Point Tactical holster is a great place to start: or

In the next blog entry, I will give you more of my opinions about firearms, I obviously have a lot of them.  Thanks for listening.

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