Atlanta Martial Arts Center


The Atlanta Martial Arts Center is an awesome training experience and one of the first martial arts facility to adopt and embrace the Combat Hard Pistol Combatives program.  Sifu Alan Baker is always challenging me to make the program better and more efficient.  I truly appreciate his mentorship and friendship. 


Sifu Alan Baker – The Combat Hard Pistol Combatives (CHPC) program in my opinion feels a void not only in the gun industry but the martial arts industry. Up until this program was put together if you wanted to include some sort of gun training you would have to leave the studio or school and go to a gun range to do so. What is so great about Combat Hard Pistol Combatives (CHPC) program is that you don’t have to do this, the student can advance through levels of education and gain good skill and knowledge without having to go to a gun range.

Another thing is that CHPC program addresses an area that I have not seen addressed in the 30+ years I have been involved in the industry. Most of the time you see an instructor teaching defensive tactics to a group and then the group will go over to the gun range and learn how to use a handgun separately from the defensive tactics. After that the student is just left to themselves to figure out how to put the two together intelligently. The CHPC program not only addresses this gap in training but does it in a very organized and intelligent manner. You actually learn how to take whatever he will do currently as far as defensive tactics and intelligently mix it with the use of a handgun at close range.

This program has added an entirely new culture and area of education to my school. Woodstock Georgia. The students love the class and are gaining a tremendous amount of skill and knowledge from it. I highly recommend this program not only to someone in the martial arts but all it also suggested to the law enforcement community because quite honestly I don’t see the training at this level in that arena either.



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