Here is a thought! Educate yourself on Use of Force.


There are many Self Protection instructors, coaches and practitioners in the world.  I appreciate all the hard work and efforts that each of them put forth. Most are hard-working and dedicated individuals.

My only problem is that some do not teach their students when they can actually use force, deadly or non-lethal.  They teach them how to fight, but never talk about when they can actually use force.  When you walk into the Combat Hard Training Center, we give you a copy of the Georgia Law on use of deadly force and we educate you on the law to the best of our abilities.  Why?  Because in my opinion, knowing the law is just as important as knowing how to fight.

Yes, I know that each state has different laws as it relates to use of deadly force, so why are some teachers not teaching the basics. That is a great question.  They should.  They do not need to be a lawyer, they just need to be educated.  If you are an instructor or student, get educated!  It is extremely important in my opinion.  We train to “Win”!  So let’s win  on all three levels, physically, mentally and legally.

Recently, I received an excellent DVD from the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network.  The DVD is titled Legal Considerations of the Use of Force of Non-lethal Defensive Force.  What an excellent DVD on Use of Force.  If you are not familiar with the ACLDN, you need to be.  Please visit the website a  I highly recommend that you join this association, get the DVDs and get educated.  Although, they generally focus on legal issues involving the Armed Citizens, they have excellent information on unarmed encounters.

So I have a homework assignment for you.  Next time you attend, a self-defense seminar or martial arts class, ask about Use of Deadly Force and the legal system.  If your instructor does not know anything about it, then it is time for you to get some additional education from someone else.  Instructors, Coaches and Teachers, if you are teaching Self Protection Skills, then you should get educated on the legal system.

Be safe and train, train and train!


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