Try this next time you want to learn something!


Here are some short cuts to learning a new skill or if you are an instructor, consider trying a new teaching methodology;

General Skill Acquisition:

  1. Find a good reason to learn.  You need an ignition source!  Spark your motivation.
  2. Observing the expert: deep observation.  Suggestion: watch a video of an expert in the area of study you are attempting to learn before going to bed at night.  Test the skill in the morning.
  3. Engraving/Modeling the skill: Acting “as if” we have the skill for 15 minutes per day.  A kinesthetic activity.
  4. Steal from the best: take bits and pieces, ideas—the good information that serves you–and make it your own.
  5. Training Journal: for recording progress.  TEST, TEST & more TEST!  Record the results.
  6. Practice in an environment that offers the least luxuries and distractions. The more Spartan, the better.
  7. Precision in early practice develops the initial neural pathways correctly.  Fundamentals are critical.  Focus on fundamentals and instructions regarding these basics should be clear and to the point.

Read the Talent Code and the Little Red Book of Talent by Daniel Coyle for more information.

Here is a great blog on Sparking Motivation!

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