Demand the BEST for yourself!

Epictetus famously stated, “How long are you going to wait before you demand the best for yourself?”
It is Jan 2nd, time to saddle up and get on with it in 2018!
This is the year that I will demand the best of myself. What does that mean to me? I will live and embrace the “Strenuous Life”. If you are not sure what that means, click this link and learn about the Strenuous Life.
I plan to forge my body into the best it has ever been. I plan to engage my mind, and wipe out the cobwebs, grow new neurons and learn something new every week!
It is time to fertilize with love those cherished and long lasting relationships and get rid of all non productive ones.
My purpose is to use my warrior skills and abilities to teach others to protect & serve those they care about, so with perseverance I may create a world where everyone around me is safe.
2018 will be a journey like no other for me. Join me in demanding the best of yourself this year and make your life magical!

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