Open your Eyes!

It is a crazy world that we live in. There are distractions everywhere and these distractions seem to increase daily.  If we are truly concerned about our Self Protection, then I have one suggestion.  Stop and truly “Open your Eyes”!  When you open your eyes to the world, look around and see all that is going on.  This simple act, may allow you to see a threat or attack or hazard or whatever before it actually becomes a problem.  Today is the day to start, Open your Eyes and look around.Open Your Eyes Torn Paper

What are you doing today?


Today I am digging deep into this great book.  I have lots of really cool things going on in my life.  However, often the management of my mental game, sucks.  That is all going to change starting today.  Let the process of learning begin.  If you do not know who Lanny Bassham is check out his website.

Have a great Labor Day and learn something new today!