Pistol Combatives History 


Hello, my name is Steven Mosley and I am the Director of Training for the Combat Hard Training Group.  I have trained in the Martial Arts and worked in law enforcement for over 34 years.  One of the many discussions that I have had over the past several years is whether we should or should not; blend fighting skills with firearms skills.  This subject always brings out the best and worst of the instructors involved in the discussion and as you probably already know, there are always as many different opinions as there are instructors.

I have always believed that the two disciplines; Fighting and Firearms, should be trained and taught together as one. Violent physical confrontations are up close and personal and based on my experiences, if you carry a handgun for self-protection, you will most likely have to physically fight before actually deploying your handgun.  So after much discussion and debate, the Pistol Combatives program was born.  This blog provides an overview of the current Practitioner Level 1 -5 programs and many of my ideas on combination of these two disciplines.

The main goal of the “Pistol Combatives” program is to train any novice and or experienced Martial Arts student, armed citizen or law enforcement officer the art of fighting with a “Handgun”. This course is specifically designed to assist students with combative skill development and use of the semi-automatic pistol as a personal defense weapon in a structured, interactive learning environment. Through focused drilling of the basics, students will learn the dynamic concepts of the modern combat handgun, how to fight to get to their firearm and how to “WIN” a deadly force confrontation.

It should be noted that there have been many different shooting methodology influences for this program, but one that I include which is controversial is the “Index Shooting” or what is considered coarsely aimed fire training methodologies taught by the late Colonel Rex Applegate.

Please do not misunderstood what I am saying, precisely aimed fire training is extremely important and I totally believe in it.  However, up close and personal, index shooting is effective and I believe that it should be included in the curriculum.

As you read further into this blog, you will see that there are many different levels to this progressive program and students and instructor are free to take their individual training as far as they desire to go.

I need to personally thank, Sifu Alan Baker, Atlanta Martial Arts Center www.atlantamartialartscenter.com for his continuous support and encouragement to get this program started.  I am truly honored to call him a friend and teacher.

If you have any questions, please email me at steve@combathard.com.

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