Happy New Year!


I am taking my Self Protection training to a new level this year.  I will become the professional in areas that I am been an Amateur for a long time.  Identify those areas where you have been an amateur for a long time and in 2019, become the Professional.  I wish you all the best.  “Train Today for Tomorrow’s Battles!”

Will you be the “One” in 2019?


2019 is right around the corner. What are your big plans?  My plan is to turn Pro and become the One.  The one Warrior that brings the others back.  The time is perfect to start writing your training plan for 2019.  My plan includes Wilderness EMT, weekly Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu  classes, JFK 50 mile event and Paramedic school.  Lots to do.  I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Open your Eyes!

It is a crazy world that we live in. There are distractions everywhere and these distractions seem to increase daily.  If we are truly concerned about our Self Protection, then I have one suggestion.  Stop and truly “Open your Eyes”!  When you open your eyes to the world, look around and see all that is going on.  This simple act, may allow you to see a threat or attack or hazard or whatever before it actually becomes a problem.  Today is the day to start, Open your Eyes and look around.Open Your Eyes Torn Paper

What are you doing today?


Today I am digging deep into this great book.  I have lots of really cool things going on in my life.  However, often the management of my mental game, sucks.  That is all going to change starting today.  Let the process of learning begin.  If you do not know who Lanny Bassham is check out his website.  http://mentalmanagement.com/.

Have a great Labor Day and learn something new today!

Are you Properly Trained?

IMG_3806 (1)

Are you Properly Trained?  This is one of the questions that I ask myself frequently.  I believe it should be a daily question.  If I focus on the attributes of a Warrior or Tactical  Lifestyle, then I should consider focusing my proper training in the areas of Mindset, Tactics, Skills and Equipment.  There are many more, but this is a great place to start.

So ask yourself when you get up tomorrow, Are you Properly Trained?  If the answer is NO!  Get busy.

BE a Hard Target!




Really and truly, you want to avoid situations that require self-defense skills.  In everyday life, fighting is the action of last resort when all else within the realm of self-protection has failed.  Those among us who have something to prove might disagree with me, and I say the fight on the street is a brutal testing ground.  Though I do train my physical skills every week, I am keenly interested in target hardening.  How do I make myself less desirable to the predators of society?

But let’s step back.  What is a soft target?  A soft target lives in a state of cluelessness, or in what we call Condition White.  He or she is highly accessible—personal boundaries are fluid, or not established at all.  Often, the soft target looks insecure, is oblivious to people in his or her vicinity and has poor situational awareness, in general.  Very little attention is paid to personal responsibility, and no control is exerted over personal space or environment.  The soft target is predictable.  You think of a sheep mentality, and you have your soft target, ripe for the picking by a hungry, opportunistic wolf.  Take a good long look at yourself.  Does this sound like an accurate description of you?  Be honest, and take a moment to step outside of yourself and see things from a third party’s perspective.

“We don’t see things as they are; we see them as we are.” –Anaïs Nin

So, what is a hard target?  A hard target is armed with the capacity to perceive and accept the threat, whatever it may be.  He or she is equipped, both mentally and physically.  This requires pre-meditation, planning and practice.  It also requires a total shift in mindset.  Metaphorically speaking, there are wolves in the landscape of life that have made it their personal mission to prey upon others to fulfill their needs.  Believe it, just as you believe the sun will rise tomorrow.

You must become like the hunter, not the hunted: vigilant and ready for the threat in the event that it appears.  The hunter is in what we call Condition Yellow, as soon as he or she steps out the door each day.  This state of awareness involves 360 degree security at all times.  Contrary to what you may believe, it is not a state of paranoia, though it may seem like it to others, and even feel like it to you for a while.  When you make the firm decision to make awareness a part of your everyday life, it will be exhausting in the beginning.  I speak from personal experience on this.  You will feel jumpy, or hyper-vigilant, and you will think you have to look at everything all the time.  Accept this as part of your training, though.  It is a necessary stepping stone along the path.  Eventually, you will learn to be in tune with your intuition, and move into more relaxed awareness.

The hard target is also unpredictable in daily patterns, and is action-oriented.  Knowing and understanding pre-incident indicators and body language are important—awareness of them informs your intuition.  Being able to perceive and evaluate a situation properly and quickly, is critical for winning.  The hard target is concerned with minimizing risk, taking security precautions at home, in the car, on the street. . .wherever.  If this individual has done everything he or she can do, and despite all efforts, steps into a critical Condition Red situation, the hard target is prepared for flight, to stun and run, or fight until the fight is done.  Nevertheless, with the right mindset (and even some confrontation management skills), violent conflict can be avoided most of the time.

One other thought.  Try to minimize your distractions that engage you so fully that you cannot be alert.  Walking out of a grocery store with a cell phone pinned between your ear and your shoulder, carrying an armload of bags and fumbling for your car keys is not a great idea.  Do not willfully hamstring yourself so that you are unable perceive the world—life does not stop for you.  Besides, have you seen the way people race through parking lots?  This slogan from Baader-Meinhof, a German Terrorist organization and self-proclaimed “communist urban guerrillas”, gives you some insight into the minds of those who victimize:


“When you are hungry, it is foolish to hunt a tiger when there are plenty of sheep to be had.