Practitioner Level 1

Pistol Combatives Practitioner Level 1: Orange Band Level – (6 hours)


The Combat Hard Pistol Combatives Practitioner Level 1 course is the first step in the Pistol Combatives certification process.  This course is designed to train any novice and or experienced Martial Arts student, armed citizen or law enforcement officer the art of fighting to get to their handgun.  This course is specifically designed to assist students with combative skill development and use of the semi-automatic pistol as a personal defense weapon in a structured, interactive learning environment.


This 6-hour training program focuses on basic gun-handling skills utilizing realistic training replica semi-automatic pistol. We will use a “focused drilling” approach, which enhances the student retention of the critical skills through precise drilling of the basic skills! Each student will also practice gun-handling fundamental skills and combatives and during interactive dry-fire deadly force reaction drills.

The following topics will be covered:

  1. Historical Perspective of Pistol Combatives
  2. Legal Rights and Responsibilities
  3. Safe Gun Handling and Basic Safety Rules
  4. The “Warrior” Lifestyle
  5. Handgun Nomenclature and Firearms Terms
  6. Selection and Placement of Equipment
  7. Body Point Position
  8. The One-Handed Full Extension Position
  9. The Two-Handed Full Extension Position
  10. Off-line Movement and Pivot Drills
  11. Dealing with the Aftermath
  12. Recognizing a Threat from the Right Front Waist Band (RFWB) Position
  13. Deadly Force Reaction Drills

The cost of this seminar is $125.00 per person.  Student Handout and all equipment needed to participate in training will be provided.  A certificate of completion will be issued for all participates that complete the seminar.

A Practitioner Level 1 (Orange Band) certificate will be issued upon successful completion of the Practitioner Level 1 Written and Practical examination.  The cost of Practitioner Level 1 testing is $25.00.  The testing process takes approximately 1 hour.

Please email Steven at for additional seminar information or if you are interested in hosting a seminar.

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