Practitioner Level 3

Pistol Combatives Practitioner Level 3: Green Band Level – (6 hours)


The Combat Hard Handgun Combatives Practitioner Level 3 course will take the student deeper into the Concealed Carry Weapon lifestyle and teach the skills necessary to win a violent encounter. The decision to lawfully carry a concealed handgun should not be made lightly. This course is designed to re-enforces all the skills learned in Practitioner Level 1 and Practitioner Level 2 and will emphasize the skills needed to develop a solid foundation of handgun/combative skills and techniques, use of force law, and mindset for concealed carry and self – protection. This course is for Armed Citizen, Law Enforcement or Military Professional Warrior, who intends to carry a concealed handgun and wants to learn fighting techniques to elevate their warrior skill sets, tactics, and knowledge relative to their everyday, violent environment that they live and work in.


The focus will be on learning the dynamic concepts of the modern combat handgun and how to fight to get to your firearm during a critical survival situation, however, this 6 – hour training program will also emphasize the following gun-handling and combative skills; the Concealed Carry Weapon Lifestyle, presentation of the handgun from concealed carry, lowered shooting positions, first contact drills, armed ground tactics and extremely close quarter shooting (ECQS) techniques.

The following topics will be covered:

  1. Human Factors and Stress Performance & Concealed Carry (CCW) Lifestyle
  2. Review of Practitioner Level 2 CCW Draws, Recovery & Aftermath Procedures, and Movement Drills
  3. Extremely Close Quarter Shooting Positions
  4. Lowered Shooting Positions and Shooting from Positions of Disadvantage
  5. First Contact Drills to respond to the Shove, High Tackle and Haymaker
  6. Armed Ground Tactics
  7. Written and Practical Testing

The cost of this seminar is $125.00 per person. Student Handout and all equipment needed to participate in training will be provided. A certificate of completion will be issued for all participates that complete the seminar.

A Practitioner Level 3 (Green Band) certificate will be issued upon successful completion of the Practitioner Level 3 Written and Practical examination. The cost of Practitioner Level 3 testing is $25.00. The testing process takes approximately 1 hour.

Please email Steven at for additional seminar information or if you are interested in hosting a seminar.

Prerequisite: The Combat Hard Handgun Combatives Practitioner Level 1 and Level 2 must be successfully completed to attend this course. 

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