Ferocious Resolve and the Confrontation


If I use the term “ferocious resolve”, am I referring to some type of animalistic behavior?  Why yes I am!  It is the innate survival instinct we all share.  It is part of the winning mindset that you need to develop to win an all-out battle against another human aggressor.  A physical confrontation is a battle; a foray into chaos.  These conflicts are often sudden, extremely violent and can be relentless until one of the parties is incapacitated, or to put it bluntly, DEAD!  You do not want to be the party that becomes the contents of a body bag; developing the sensibility of ferocious resolve is imperative to your survival.

Let us dig deeper.  What more can we say about ferocious resolve?  Well, creating a good definition is a bit tricky.  To borrow a term from NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), ferocious resolve is a “state.”  Marcus Wynne says “a state is a combination of two things: your physiology, or your body chemistry and neurological working; and your internal representation.”  Simply stated, your state is everything that is going on in your body and mind at any particular moment in time.  A few examples of state might be happiness, fear, worry, boredom and alertness; each one is a mode, if you will, of being, encompassing the physical and mental aspects of your existence.  It is critical for you to learn how to properly manage your state before, during, and after an assault.  You need the ability to function in the chaos.  What will you fight for?  You are the only one who can decide this answer, and it is best to consider it now–not while you are embroiled in a fight for your life.  Here is an awesome quote from the father of Combatives:

“When you’re caught, you’re down, and you’re a goner if you don’t ATTACK…And keep in mind, it’s ‘Gutterfighting’: any means, fair or foul, to save your life”. –W.E. Fairbairn

Some people refer to ferocious resolve as the “Eye of the Tiger” or the “Will of Steel.”  I like to think of it as your ability to do whatever it takes to win, not just survive, but WIN!  I am all about winning.  If you come face to face with an attacker, you must have the pre-determined mindset of going until your attacker is beaten down and no longer poses a threat.  Metamorphose from the prey into the predator; it is this mindset or state, and the willingness to attack the attacker that will help you to prevail.  As my good friend, Gary Klugiewicz says, “Be nice, until it is time to be mean, and then be nice again”.  These are wonderful words to live by.  Once the threat is neutralized, calmly seek a protective position, perform a self medical assessment, and call for the authorities to assist you.