Sifu Alan Baker – The Combat Hard Pistol Combatives (CHPC) program in my opinion feels a void not only in the gun industry but the martial arts industry. Up until this program was put together if you wanted to include some sort of gun training you would have to leave the studio or school and go to a gun range to do so. What is so great about Combat Hard Pistol Combatives (CHPC) program is that you don’t have to do this, the student can advance through levels of education and gain good skill and knowledge without having to go to a gun range.

Another thing is that CHPC program addresses an area that I have not seen addressed in the 30+ years I have been involved in the industry. Most of the time you see an instructor teaching defensive tactics to a group and then the group will go over to the gun range and learn how to use a handgun separately from the defensive tactics. After that the student is just left to themselves to figure out how to put the two together intelligently. The CHPC program not only addresses this gap in training but does it in a very organized and intelligent manner. You actually learn how to take whatever he will do currently as far as defensive tactics and intelligently mix it with the use of a handgun at close range.

This program has added an entirely new culture and area of education to my school. Woodstock Georgia. The students love the class and are gaining a tremendous amount of skill and knowledge from it. I highly recommend this program not only to someone in the martial arts but all it also suggested to the law enforcement community because quite honestly I don’t see the training at this level in that arena either.

Nathan D. – When I was looking for someone to help my wife and I with dealing with some of the challenges that come up in our work in the course of our ministry with people who are sometimes unpredictable and violent and dealing with dicey situations in general I was pretty thorough in my vetting process because I was looking for someone who would give us a better chance of living through the real situations we face.  We need something that works.  I asked SWAT officers that I know from various police departments, veteran officers, GBI officers, and state troopers.  Steven’s name kept coming up, I called him, and found both a solid teacher, mentor, and friend.  I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Chuck H. – Hey Steve, I don’t have a WordPress account so I can’t leave comments on your blogs, so I wanted to drop you a note to extend some much deserved kudos. Your articles are great. I hope that they have the desired effect of establishing and cementing your authority on the topics you train on. Personally, I’m glad I’ve met you and have had a chance to introduce one of my sons and my wife to pieces of your accumulated wisdom. Know that you’ve not seen the last of me. My attendance to your classes and seminars is, by way of a crazy schedule, sporadic at best. But I’m always on the lookout for opportunities to attend. I’ll be back. In the meantime, keep up the great work.

Jim M. – Mosley makes learning self-defense fun! Spend some time with him and you will come away better prepared mentally and physically. He is an expert practitioner, a capable instructor and a trustworthy ally. And an entertaining blogger! I look forward to training with him again.

Dominic F. – Steven is one of those guys that you definitely want on your side in all aspects of life. It did not take long for me to realize that his level of expertise, his integrity, and his ability to transfer knowledge are second to none. I wholeheartedly trust Steven to work directly with my clients, friends, and family and have called upon him more than once to assist me with a myriad of situations and business needs. You would be hard-pressed to find someone as versatile and trustworthy as Steven.

Burton J. Brown – There is no one in the country that has Steve’s combination of skills and experience nor anyone that performs them better. Steve is an instructors’ instructor, a shooter’s shooter, a tactician’s tactician, and the one guy you do not want on the opposing side! I have know Steve for 25 years in and around law enforcement, both of us in numerous capacities, and work with Steve on projects currently. My endorsement is complete and without reservation. If you haven’t done anything with or associated with Combat Hard Fitness and Training then do so. If you don’t then it’s your loss.

Steve B. – I’ve know Steven for over 20 years as a peer in the tactical training world. Steven is the real thing. The tactics he teaches are practical and effective. There isn’t a lot of fluff. He has the unique skill of being able to make complex tactics simple and understandable for the novice or the professional. I can not recommend Steven highly enough.

Brian S. – I strongly recommend Steve based on his vast experience in the field of Law Enforcement and Security Training. I have known Steve for over 10 years and worked with him on numerous occasions. He has helped me with sharing lesson plans, connecting with others in the field and training knowledge. One of the best things I have recognized about Steve is his ability to train and prepare for those “what if” situations. I enjoy every time I am able to work with or train with Steve. A True Professional.

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